“Too Fat To Cheer” or Not Making The Cut, for Socially Accepted Smut?

Adding insult to injury, is that this blogger is a woman! This is not the first time a professional cheerleader has been accused of being “too fat”-

These women come under constant, intense, scrutiny in their profession,
subjected by and objectified by their employers, other professionals, and critics all the time. 
 See this woman- Now see what was said about her by critics online:
Why is it that the standard for “physical perfection”
is set so high for professional cheerleaders? 
Furthermore, at what point did being a cheerleader
for professional sports teams, cross the line
into Socially Acceptable Smut?
***(At this point if you struggle with lust, or have issues with
     pornography I would encourage you to discontinue from
     reading further, and encourage anyone who is reading  
     to pray the blood of the Lamb over themselves before
     continuing any further with this article. This expose does
      not contain any pornography, but does contain images
      of a sexually explicit nature that have been used in 
      “family friendly” mediums such as  prime-time cable.)

Um…Excuse me Miss… You forgot your skirt…

Seriously? Can we get any more degrading? (Sadly Enough..)

Why yes… Yes, we can!

And How About Them Cowboys…camel toe?

These are not from porno mags folks- these are legit, professional, “All-AMERICAN Cheerleaders!”
We can’t get any more skimpy, any more on our knees, any more suggestive, can’t stick our butts or our boobs out any further- we are one step away from ditching the uniforms altogether and using the Pom-poms as a burlesque peep show- Creep show to cover what remains concealed of the business…
And it all starts out as a dream. A little girls dream.
And before you know it.. They’re all grown up….
Who knows-her dream just might even come true…If she’s not “too fat”.

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