Seeing this manifest, and feeling the judgmental hatred from so many people who claim I don’t know God or His Son-


I call Jesus Yêhôshûa & Ëlôâh Yêhôwâh is my Father, but not because some movement told me so- because the Holy Bible & Strong’s concordance revealed it to me in a Holy Spirit-Led study, and legalism isn’t pushing me to convert the masses, or tell them Jesus isn’t given ALL POWER & AUTHORITY!


Comment by Vic:

My previous post by John Muncy about “DNA music” was not appreciated by some an I removed it as not to use this site to discredit a man whom I have lots of respect for. Lets hope that this post can salvage his reputation and proof that he is not a new age heretic. 🙂
I remember my last time while flying to Israel I met a very interesting man. We were both talking about how excited we were to be going to the “Promise Land” and how great it will be to check out all the great places referred to in the Scriptures. He appeared to be a devote believer, so he said, and yet before long I found out that he believed the Apostle Paul was the worse thing that happened to the followers of Christ. He said that all the writings of the…

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