Jade Helm Confirmed – BREAKING NEWS – National Guard – POW CAMP Connection – Full Interview

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Living For The Lord:Doomsday Deliverance Disciples

TX National Guard – Full Interview – Jade Helm Confirmed – BREAKING NEWS – POW CAMP Connection – YouTube.

We went on a little Psy-Op of our own, at the Old Ft. Wolters military Base, which was used as a German POW camp during WWII, to check out what is going on with Jade Helm 15, Since we Live in Texas and keep hearing so much about it.

I presented what I found to author, Fritz Springmeier & he gave us a shout out on his Facebook page… so apparently it is worth some interest- according to him the information I present in our videos, “certainly merits your attention,” !!! This is his full quote:

Fritz Springmeier

APR 29, 2015

“UPDATE ON JADE HELM. Because people are concerned about Jade Helm, they have been asking people that might know something about it. A FEMA representative here in OR said…

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